Management Strategy

We’ve implemented dedicated management strategies to ensure sustainable growth for all our trading partnership and suppliers.

ANK Group is set to develop and grow existing trading partnerships through its three core service arms in the areas of sourcing, trading and consultancy.

Our team of international trade specialists, based in Sydney and Seoul are dedicated on actively securing interest from genuine buyers, promoting your product, and moving you towards lucrative sales throughout Asia. We work hard to match export partners to ensure your business gets the most out of the trading relationship.

Our three key portfolios aim to contribute to sustainable growth and expansion within the Asian market. By focusing on sustainable and eco friendly products ANK Group leverage a growth industry with increasing demand.

Our service can provide a seamless and affordable solution whilst our experienced trade consultants can handle the many complexities of importing and exporting on your behalf. We’re experienced in each stage of the import process to ensure factory compliance and quality control, leaving you with time to focus on business.

Each service arm is managed and functions via a set of strategic and detailed phases – as outlined below.

ANK Sourcing - product-sourcing solution for Australian/New Zealand brands.

  • Phase One – Product requirement analysis and report
  • Phase Two – Supplier matching and sampling.
  • Phase Three – Supplier audit and product compliance.
  • Phase Four – Pricing and contract negotiations.
  • Phase Five – Logistic compliance training.
  • Phase Six – First purchase order through to delivery.


ANK Consultancy - providing brand owners a consultancy service to get their product into the Asian market place.

  • Phase One - Market analysis, research and reports.
  • Phase Two- Product compliance with target market and customs import compliance.
  • Phase Three - Buyer matching and product presentation of samples.
  • Phase Four – Buyer contract negotiations.
  • Phase Five – Logistic compliance training for export.
  • Phase Six – First sales order through to delivery.


ANK Trading - providing ecologically friendly, organic and natural products to international markets.

  • Earth friendly niche market products including Australasian brand merchandise and clothing ranges, Australasian made machinery, New Zealand wools and wines.
  • Renewable energy resourcing.
  • High-end five star meat, small goods and dairy products to the food service industries.


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