Our business has a long history of providing trade opportunities and consultancy services to businesses looking to break into the Asian market.


ANK Group is a leading South Korean trading consultancy dedicated to international trade opportunities particularly exporting sustainable products from Australia and New Zealand for the Asian market.

Clients include major corporations within the Asia Pacific region as well as public sector agencies within Asia.

The consultancy is supported by a team of trading specialists with technical expertise in government and the private sector.

Brian Seymour and Michelle Lu created the business in 2012 and are experts on international importing and exporting, particularly with products that are classified as certified organic, sustainable and natural.

Created in Australia in 2012 and with a branch in Seoul Korea, the business has been monumental in forming long-standing partnerships with our trading partners across Asia and Australasia.

In early 2015 ANK Group moved their Australian office from Perth to Sydney and aims to continue to expand into the future.


ANK Group – the specialists in developing successful trading partnerships.

Contact ANK Group today to discuss our trade advisory services and export opportunities phone +612 9633 9822 or email enquiries@ankgroup.com.au.