Corporate Statement

Our trade and advisory services are centralised to enhance the international growth of natural resources and soft commodities particularly within eco friendly markets.

As a premier provider of trading services, ANK Group has built an extensive network of associates and suppliers that we work closely with to offer trade and advisory services.

Our company is focused on importing and exporting the highest quality products and is driven by our customer’s passion for quality and sustainability.

Our point of difference is providing exceptional product that are natural and of the highest standard. We are dedicated to upholding our company’s mission and constantly aim to source the best natural resources and soft commodities available within the market place.

Our mission

“To always honor the vision of our clients and deliver products that are environmentally conscious and naturally sound. 
In all trade services that we are involved with we provide an elite level of service that meets the highest international standards.”

Our vision

Our vision is to establish professional and specialist international trade services and develop in-bound and out-bound trade opportunities that service our customer's needs, while offering the best value possible to the end user.



ANK Group – the specialists in developing successful trading partnerships.

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